The Real Rejects of Orange County

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Badd Lawyers Sketch – Season 1 – Episode 1

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Loosely based on the old improvisational game, World’s Worst, The Badd Lawyers sketch highlights scenes from the fictitious show, Badd Lawyers on TVOC.

Writer: Alan Ng

  • Emily Reese Castro – Amelia Badd
  • Kelsey Redmond – Emily Badd
  • Juan Abdias – District Attorney
  • Michael Donnell – Defendant
  • Alan Ng – Judge Badd

Emily (Kelsey Redmond) and Amelia Badd (Emily Reese Castro) aren’t bad lawyers because they’re bad. They’re Badd!

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Introducing…The Real Rejects Cast

Please welcome the cast of the Real Rejects of Orange County. They are:

Juan Abdias, Emily Reese Castro, Chloë Crouso, Michael Donnell, Alan Ng, Savannah Shaffer.

Join us for Episode 1 on Friday, May 26, 2017.