Episode 1 – You’re Never Too Old To Die

The first episode of The Real Rejects of Orange County premiered May 26, 2017.

Badd Lawyers

Writer: Alan Ng
Cast: Juan Abdias, Emily Reese Castro, Michael Donnell, Alan Ng, Kelsey Redmond

Emily and Amelia Badd aren’t bad lawyers because they’re bad. They’re Badd!


Writer: Chloë Crouso
Cast: Juan Abdias, Chloë, Michael Donnell, George Graham, Kate Graham, Alan Ng, Savannah Shaffer

Chloë takes audiences on a behind-the-scenes tour of The Real Rejects of Orange County studios.

What About Tom

Writer: Alan Ng
Cast: Devin Dugan, Linda Frost, Laurie Anning

Tom and his mother have a relaxing brunch in Laguna Beach and decide to get real.

I’m With Stupid

Writer: George Graham
Cast: Chloë Crouso, Savannah Shaffer

Katie has a problem with Emily’s loose interpretation of casual Friday.

Signs with Skylar – Episode 1

Writer: Monica Vellanoweth
Cast: Chloë Crouso, Kate Graham

Signs With Skylar is an internet TV show featuring amateur astrology Skylar and her friend Jennifer. Skylar and Jennifer talk about the hot topic of “celebrity relationships.” Jennifer wants to find that special someone.