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Episode 1 is available now on Amazon Prime

The Real Rejects of Orange County is now on Amazon –

I’m so excited to present to you the first episode of The Real Rejects of Orange County. It is available now on Amazon Prime. The best news is you don’t need an Amazon Prime account to watch it. No excuses. Watch and watch often. Episode 2 will be online in two weeks.

Episode 1 Breakdown

The Real Rejects of Orange County is premiering next week and here is the opening sequence.

CASTING NOTICE – Sign With Skylar

Audition in person or submit a video. Filming in November at the iWink Studios based on your schedule.
“Signs with Skylar” – Comedic Sketch
Written by Monica Vellanoweth
Directed by Alan Ng
Saturday, November 5 at noon.
iWink Studios
2646 Dupont Dr. Ste 220
Irvine, CA 92612
PREPARE: Brief Comedic Monologue
BRING: Headshot, Resume.
COMPENSATION: No Pay. You will receive (1) IMDB credit, (2) clip of your performance and (2) meal.
Send Headshot and Resume to Include a video link of you performing a comedic monologue. (You can film yourself with a cellphone and upload it to Facebook and send us a link).
Typical Teen has a talk show all about the Zodiac Signs and invites friends as special guests! The sketch consists of three 3-minute sketches.
[Skylar] Female Looks 15
Actress should be able to do various valley girl accents. Retainer or braces optional.
[Olivia] Female Looks 15
Likable and a little boy crazy
[Hannah] Female Looks 15
Very polite. A bit shy.

The First Real Rejects of Orange County Post

Hey everyone (aka Future Fans). This is the first official post of The Real Rejects of Orange County.

This is an exciting time. We have a crew of amazing writers and we’re heading into pre-production. That means we’re going to be looking for actors soon.

We’ll post details soon.