The Real Rejects of Orange County are a troupe of emerging comedy writers, directors and actors bringing their special take on life in the OC. From Anaheim to Yorba Linda, each week, the real rejects give you a comedic look into the lives of Orange County citizens. Don’t be fooled by its low-budget production budget and guerrilla-style filmmaking. Lord knows we weren’t.

Don’t believe the critics about the Real Rejects low budget, guerrilla-style filmmaking. On second thought, believe them, we’re just storytellers with stories to tell.

Rejected by every network. Too absurd for the bigwigs. The Real Rejects bring you the comedy that will make you say, hmm, I see why they keep getting rejected everywhere. Tune in now!

Q: Really…who are the Real Rejects of Orange County?
A: OK. The Real Rejects are a crew of emerging actors, writers and filmmakers from Orange County putting on a show.

Q: Where can I see The Real Rejects of Orange County?
A: The show will broadcast on a local HD sub-channel reaching the Los Angeles/Orange County area and reach as far as Ventura, San Diego, and the Inland Empire. The show will also be available on Amazon Prime through its Video Direct platform.

Q: When will I be able to see The Real Rejects of Orange County?
A: We are working fast and furious. Our hope is the first four episodes will be online/broadcast starting January 2017.

Q: I’m a writer/actor, can I get involved?
A: Absolutely, we’re always looking for local Orange County actors and writers to showcase their talents. At this moment in time, there is no pay, but you will get an IMDB credit, clip of your performance and a meal the day of filming.

The Real Rejects of Orange County is a comedy sketch production featuring emerging writers, actors, and production crew. Currently in production of a 12-episode season using guerrilla and independent film-making techniques. The final show will be available on Amazon Direct and potentially OTA broadcast television in Southern California.