The Real Rejects of Orange County

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Signs With Skylar – Season 1 – Episode 1

The Real Rejects of Orange County is now on Amazon –

Writer: Monica Vellanoweth

  • Kate Graham – Skylar
  • Chloë Crouso – Jennifer

Expert in all that is the Zodiac, Skylar and Jennifer examine Celebrity Relationships.

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I’m With Stupid – Season 1 – Episode 1

The Real Rejects of Orange County is now on Amazon –

Writer: George Graham

It’s Casual Friday, Katie is a little offended by Emily’s choice of shirts.

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What About Tom? – Season 1 – Episode 1

The Real Rejects of Orange County is now on Amazon –

“What About Tom” was inspired by a friend, who was excited about meeting his mom’s new boyfriend.  Do I really need to say this is not a true account of that meeting? We are also pleased to have members of ImprovCity in Irvine to be part of this sketch. Thank you, Devin and Lindy.

Writer: Alan Ng

  • Devin Dugan – David
  • Linda Frost – Helen
  • Laurie Anning – Sacha

David and his mother, Helen, spend a morning brunch in Laguna Beach. They talk about Helen’s new boyfriend, Tom. Helen really likes Tom.

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Show Open and Close – Season 1 – Episode 1

The Real Rejects of Orange County is now on Amazon –

Our own reject, Chloë, takes us on a backstage tour of the Real Rejects Studio. We’re honored to film at the iWink Studios in Irvine. Here’s a little sneak at our low-budget and guerilla-style filmmaking.

Writer: Chloë Crouso
Director: Chloë Crouso

  • Chloë Crouso – Chloë
  • Kate Graham – Kate
  • Michael Donnell – Michael
  • Alan Ng – Alan
  • Savannah Shaffer – Savannah
  • George Graham – George
  • Mir Waiss Najibi – Sleeping Security Guard

Chloë wrote the opening and closing sketches for the first four episodes as a way to introduce you to the cast of the Real Rejects and its film style.

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Badd Lawyers Sketch – Season 1 – Episode 1

The Real Rejects of Orange County is now on Amazon –

Loosely based on the old improvisational game, World’s Worst, The Badd Lawyers sketch highlights scenes from the fictitious show, Badd Lawyers on TVOC.

Writer: Alan Ng

  • Emily Reese Castro – Amelia Badd
  • Kelsey Redmond – Emily Badd
  • Juan Abdias – District Attorney
  • Michael Donnell – Defendant
  • Alan Ng – Judge Badd

Emily (Kelsey Redmond) and Amelia Badd (Emily Reese Castro) aren’t bad lawyers because they’re bad. They’re Badd!

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Episode 1 is available now on Amazon Prime

The Real Rejects of Orange County is now on Amazon –

I’m so excited to present to you the first episode of The Real Rejects of Orange County. It is available now on Amazon Prime. The best news is you don’t need an Amazon Prime account to watch it. No excuses. Watch and watch often. Episode 2 will be online in two weeks.

Episode 1 Breakdown

The Real Rejects of Orange County is premiering next week and here is the opening sequence.

Introducing…The Real Rejects Cast

Please welcome the cast of the Real Rejects of Orange County. They are:

Juan Abdias, Emily Reese Castro, Chloë Crouso, Michael Donnell, Alan Ng, Savannah Shaffer.

Join us for Episode 1 on Friday, May 26, 2017.

Official Premiere Date – May 26, 2017

It’s been long enough and you’ve been incredibly patient. Episode 1 of The Real Rejects of Orange debuts on Amazon Video Direct – Friday, May 26 on Amazon Video Direct. More to come!

CASTING NOTICE – ‘Auditions’ Sketch

Audition in person or submit a video. Filming in November at the iWink Studios based on your schedule.
“Auditions” – 3-Minute Comedic Sketch
Written by Chloe Crouso
Directed by Alan Ng
Saturday, November 5 at noon.
iWink Studios
2646 Dupont Dr. Ste 220
Irvine, CA 92612
PREPARE: Brief Comedic Monologue
BRING: Headshot, Resume.
COMPENSATION: No Pay. You will receive (1) IMDB credit, (2) clip of your performance and (2) meal.
Send Headshot and Resume to Include a video link of you performing a comedic monologue. (You can film yourself with a cellphone and upload it to Facebook and send us a link).
A director is in search of the perfect female actress but they all fall short. That is until a  flamboyant and talented man auditions and lands the part. Too bad it isn’t the role he  thought he was signing up for. .
  • [Macy] – Camera shy, worried/anxious, paranoid
  • [Patty] – Weird, calm, announces everything she does
  • [Janice] – Creepy, seductive, druggie
  • [Abby] – An nervous, blubbering, crying, emotional wreck
The Real Rejects of Orange County is a comedy sketch production featuring emerging writers, actors, and production crew. Currently in production of a 12-episode season using guerrilla and independent film-making techniques. The final show will be available on Amazon Direct and potentially OTA broadcast television in Southern California.
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